Category: Reflections

  • April Fools

    The end of March and the beginning of April have seen me in fool’s bells. My husband told me a month ago that he thought our cow was pregnant. I went and looked at her myself, being an expert on bovine pregnancy and all, and declared him mistaken. “She’s not pregnant,” said I, “because she’s…

  • In the Middle of the Night

    I Am Yours, by Misty Edwards Though I sleep, my heart is awakeThough it’s night, on You I waitThough it’s night, on You I wait It’s been a long night, and I am wearyIt’s been a long time, and I am hungrySo I’ll wait in the stillness againI’ll wait in the quiet againFor when I…

  • Personals

    Fabulous cook, avid golfer and puzzle solver, lover of books, music, and film: slender, attractive widow, a retired educator, seeks man, 60-75, with whom to share laughter, conversation, etc. Metro NY/NJ. Sensual, passionate,successful artist. Quiet beauty, mischievous spark, and heartfelt warmth. Considered fun to be around and completely real. Slender, athletic, very physical, and outdoorsy.…

  • Purifying the Vessels

    Our ancient rituals and symbols, whatever they are, and wherever we practice them reverently, have this life-renewing power. They have the potential to give us new birth, if only we will let them.

  • Bread of Life

    The chalice is heavy in my hands and the smell of the wine wafts up as I follow the sacristan down the aisle to the altar. He carries small crystal cruets of water and wine for the deacon, like the water and blood that flowed from the side of Christ. I feel breathless with expectancy.

  • I Feel the Ancient Pulse

    I kneel, and the smallness of the chapel is a welcome. It’s eternally quiet; no one seems to breathe. The sun is low in the sky and the wine in the chalice on the small altar glows with a fabulous fire. I can’t take my eyes off the wine.

  • Beloved Fools

    Yesterday morning, I read a brief article by my friend Renaissance Guy about an incident in which a small wafer of unleavened, wheaten bread called the “host” or the “Body of Christ,” or the “Blessed Sacrament” was pocketed and taken out of a Catholic student worship center’s celebration of the mass.

  • I Believe in the Fall

    Although being old doesn’t give a person wisdom, learning by experience does. I am finally old enough to be able to look back on a lot of events and old enough to have learned from them. But I’ve been surprised to discover that, for the most part, this wisdom is for myself.

  • When I am Afraid

    I’m afraid and anxious a lot lately. I noticed this yesterday because for a few hours as I cleaned our little guest cottage, I felt peaceful and happy. I was quiet and still, and nobody wanted me for anything. Nothing clamored for my time. Nothing was holding me hostage and demanding that I do this,…

  • Lord, Hold Us in Your Mercy

    The light spills through stained glass scenes from the life of Jesus, bouncing off the sanctuary floors and making the gold on the altar molten. The faint smell of incense still hangs in the air around us, though we attend the second mass of the morning. We sit on Mary’s side of the sanctuary, where…

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