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  • Where is My Home?

    Where is My Home?

    “Where is my home?” poet Rainer Maria Rilke asks.

  • If People Were Stray Animals

    If People Were Stray Animals

    If people were stray animals, we would all be worth rescuing. Groups of rescuers would band together, forming networks whose only purpose is to give care and comfort to the abandoned. […] How lovely, if each traumatized person were valued as much as a stray animal.

  • Widows Speak Up

    Widows Speak Up

    We widows and other bereaved folks who cannot get past our losses fear being unhappy the rest of our lives.

  • Shadow


    This past weekend I had the privilege of witnessing a courageous confrontation. In this situation, although many of us had felt disturbed by behaviors going on in the classroom, no one had mustered the courage to say anything, myself included. Finally, though, one of us decided to confront the situation.

  • Where Is My Home?

    How difficult it is to be happy or content as a state of mind when one’s soul was schooled in loneliness, anxiety, and abandonment.

  • Repair

    The feminine is receptive, inclusive, rejuvenating, nurturing; the masculine is about power, independence, initiative, logos, and (strangely enough) Sophia. The whole human being needs all of these traits and gifts and more if he or she hopes to run a good race.

  • As If It Would Never End

    An airport is a vacuum, a place of an unwelcome sort of timelessness where one can introvert and come to three hours later like someone who has been knocked unconscious. I’ve been knocked unconscious. Lately it has been impossible to get the sort of time alone I need. I wonder from time to time this […]

  • April Fools

    The end of March and the beginning of April have seen me in fool’s bells. My husband told me a month ago that he thought our cow was pregnant. I went and looked at her myself, being an expert on bovine pregnancy and all, and declared him mistaken. “She’s not pregnant,” said I, “because she’s […]

  • In the Middle of the Night

      I Am Yours, by Misty Edwards Though I sleep, my heart is awake Though it’s night, on You I wait Though it’s night, on You I wait It’s been a long night, and I am weary It’s been a long time, and I am hungry So I’ll wait in the stillness again I’ll wait […]

  • Personals

    Fabulous cook, avid golfer and puzzle solver, lover of books, music, and film: slender, attractive widow, a retired educator, seeks man, 60-75, with whom to share laughter, conversation, etc. Metro NY/NJ. Sensual, passionate,successful artist. Quiet beauty, mischievous spark, and heartfelt warmth. Considered fun to be around and completely real. Slender, athletic, very physical, and outdoorsy. […]