The Third Eve is about a lot of things, but at its point of conception it is about the archetype of Eve, and the many metaphorical manifestations of Eve. It is about the first Eve, that perfect, flawless female, and her shadowy counterpart, the fallen Eve. And it is, of course, about the second Eve, Mary, the bondservant of the Lord who became the recipient of his divine seed and Theotokos. Finally, it is about the third Eve, that beautiful lotus growing out of the mud of this dark world, this dark psyche. The Third Eve is who we are becoming.

On this blog, I write about many issues, but try to remain true to the call of saints and sirens that resounds from the spirit’s trumpet.

About Me

A freelance writer with a Ph.D. in psychology and an analytical perspective, I’m currently working on my third book, a memoir of widowhood.

Thanks for visiting, and godspeed.