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  • Breaking Up

    Breaking Up

    Without psychological separation, we don’t know where we end and the other person begins. Our projections veil the reality of things until we withdraw them and set ourselves and others free.

  • Being Willing to Change

    Being Willing to Change

    “To suffer consciously means to live through the ‘death of ego,’ to voluntarily withdraw one’s projections from other people.” Robert A. Johnson

  • Compartments


    When we give up our illusions of the Good Self, we see ourselves as we are: Smaller, less accomplished, more primitive, reactionary, and selfish.

  • Knots

    People don’t exist in vacuums; we are tested and proved through what we do when what is most dear to us is threatened or taken away. We see who we really are when we’re our most vulnerable; vulnerability also shows us where our boundaries are. In depth psychology, we refer to complexes, which are a…

  • Patricia: Part 2

    Patricia was a 28-year-old single mother of two planning adoption for her unborn child, a son she said was conceived as the result of a date rape. After contacting an adoption agency and completing an intake interview with a social worker, she was referred to an independent counselor for pre-placement counseling.

  • Patricia: Part 1

    Patricia was a 28-year-old single mother who was pregnant with her third child as the result of a date rape that had occurred some six months before she contacted an adoption agency. Already juggling a full-time job and two young daughters, she felt that raising a third child would be beyond her abilities, and planned…

  • The Karma of Leaving

    The Karma of Leaving

    Show me the way in which the child was left, and I will show you the way in which that child grows up and later leaves others and ultimately leaves himself.

  • Great Mother

    In Container, the third article in my series on leaving home, I wrote briefly about what can happen when a child’s need for balanced “containment” and nurturance are not met in the family of origin, and she grows up uncontained, unprotected, and without nurture. The opposite can happen, of course, and a child can grow…

  • Talisman

    We like to watch our families and real, whole people on television and in the movies, but we don’t want to do the hard character work of truly being in a family or being a real, whole person.

  • These Ancient Stones

    It takes a lot of courage to work through what has pained you all your life.

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