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  • Little Did He Know

    Little Did He Know

    A month after my husband’s death, I wrote that I had discovered the substance of my faith and “found out what’s true for me.” But I don’t know a damn thing today.

  • Breaking Up

    Breaking Up

    Without psychological separation, we don’t know where we end and the other person begins. Our projections veil the reality of things until we withdraw them and set ourselves and others free.

  • Moving On

    Moving On

    Sometimes we have to move on, because what is no longer necessary or supportive of growth must be let go.

  • Letting Go

    Letting Go

    When the basis of one or more habits decays or disappears, we discover we don’t know who we are any more.

  • Hour of Lead

    Hour of Lead

    Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose the means of our transitions and transformations. What changes us is proportionate to our own nature.

  • MapQuest


    People like to know where they’re going before they go somewhere. We use our cell phones, the GPS in the car, or an on-line mapping program for even the simplest excursions. There’s something comforting about knowing where you’re going, isn’t there?

  • The Slime of the Small World

    The Slime of the Small World

    These depressions, anxieties, compulsions, headaches, knots in the stomach, irritations, petty and not-so-petty arguments—that’s where the gold is. This is because the only way the psyche has of speaking its distress is through our symptoms.

  • Carnival


    Today, New York City celebrated its West Indian Day Parade and carnival, a tradition that originated in Harlem in the 1920s. Modeled on the traditional Carnival, it now boasts over three million participants in its street parade, most wearing fantastic and gaudy beaded and feathered costumes and carnival masks. Ample-bosomed dancers shake their barely-concealed breasts…

  • Things Fall Apart

    Things Fall Apart

    If you have ever lost anything of great substance, ever experienced the dissolution of an important relationship or the death of a beloved, you’ve known what it is to sink to your lowest point.

  • Doing the Work

    Doing the Work

    Life isn’t fair and there is no observable grand scheme for rewarding good and punishing evil in the temporal world. Those who are good, generous, and even innocent can and do suffer beyond measure.

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