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  • Dare to Be Idle

    Dare to Be Idle

    The great artists … do not want security, egoistic or materialistic.

  • Generosity

    How different a spirit she had than is typical among white folks, indeed among any folks these days or any day who seek to hold on to what they think is theirs…

  • The Writer’s Mandala | 3

    I’ve been sharing notes from a writer’s workshop I watched a few weeks ago, presented by Richard Tarnas at Pacifica Graduate Institute. During the afternoon of the first day of the workshop, Tarnas presented what he calls The Writer’s Mandala, a symbol of the complete writer. The first two positions on the mandala, the nine…

  • The Writer’s Mandala | 2

    Learn everything you have to know to say something well. You can’t fake it. The only people you’ll be able to fool are the people who don’t know anything, people who are uneducated.

  • Why We Read

    Writers enlarge us by giving us lives that are bigger than they would be otherwise.

  • I Could Snort Ink

    What I fear the most is the self-delusion of the pompous pedagogue, who thinks that Being Published is All That, and who acts as though Having Been Published makes her All That with an all-thatishness that causes affliction, insanity, and even death in others, it is so boring, so pathetic.

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