Tag: wholeness

  • The Best of Times

    Personality-disordered people share the traits of being unable to empathize, of being defensive and unteachable, unable to think outside the box they live in. They are dishonest, preferring a pretty lie to the ugly truth. They avoid suffering. They can’t say “I’m sorry,” which means they don’t take personal responsibility.

  • Talisman

    We like to watch our families and real, whole people on television and in the movies, but we don’t want to do the hard character work of truly being in a family or being a real, whole person.

  • The Actor’s Vow

    I’ve recently read something that I think beautifully expresses some aspects of wholeness or whatever it is we mean when we refer to conscious, intentional human beings. It is a quote from Elia Kazan, titled “The Actor’s Vow” I will take my rightful place on stage and I will be myself. I am not a…

  • Daryl Sharp on Being Whole

     Earlier in the week, someone mentioned not knowing what I meant by wholeness. This was a good reminder to post now and again about what, exactly, I mean by writing about it. I begin with the Jungian idea that the typical person is a mass of unconscious, fragmented parts that must be recalled to the…

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