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  • Shadow


    This past weekend I had the privilege of witnessing a courageous confrontation. In this situation, although many of us had felt disturbed by behaviors going on in the classroom, no one had mustered the courage to say anything, myself included. Finally, though, one of us decided to confront the situation.

  • Animuse

    The last time I posted, I wrote about having a sense of a deep sinking into myself. A few weeks later, I began reading The Interpretation of Fairy Tales by Marie-Louise von Franz, and discovered that the experiences I described in my last post are often symbolically represented in fairy tales. Von Franz uses the […]

  • Analytic Tools

    I’ve developed a dream interpretation worksheet that has served me well over the past several years, compiled through my readings in depth psychology. This analytic worksheet and an example of a dream interpretation can be found at the end of this article under “Resources” in a Microsoft Word document format.

  • In Knots

    The third chakra is the chakra of the abdomen, stomach, upper intestines, liver, kidneys, spleen, and middle spine, all of which relate to the mental and emotional issues of trust, fear and intimidation, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-respect, care of oneself and others, decision-making abilities, sensitivity to criticism, and personal honor. The knots in my gut told me that these were very much the issues surrounding the theft of my billfold, if I wanted to make something of the theft.

  • Twins

    From these myths of twins we can see that being cheated out of something valuable can cause serious consequences, even death. In the myth of Castor and Pollux, on the other hand, we see that one of the greatest gifts one person can give another is to share the life that comes from that eternal well.

  • Dream Work

    Unfortunately, the ego often cannot tolerate sharing power. And so we dream.

  • The Seed So Full of Meaning

    poets, songwriters, and artists of all kinds are today’s shamans. When we write, paint, photograph using our inner viewfinder, we are dipping down into that deep universal pool. If we wait patiently and attentively, something will come up.

  • The Personal Unconscious

    Jung wrote that real therapy begins when the patient sees that it is not his past holding him back, not the fault of his parents any longer, but that he is standing in his own way. He is stuck, and the only one in the way is himself.

  • Going Back, Moving Forward

    I had only the inner certainty that I was on the way to discovering my own myth. For the building game was only a beginning. It released a stream of fantasies which I later carefully wrote down. (Carl Jung)

  • Jung’s Model of the Psyche

    Just as the ego worked to be more and to have more, focusing on the external and taking the self farther and farther from the rest of the psyche, so the Self strives to alter this one-sidedness.