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  • The Abundant Womb

    For all these reasons and more, I think that those of us who have mates and children and grandchildren ought to be as honest about the difficulties and demands of these relationships as we are eager to update our Facebook pages with brags and photos about this so-called great life we lead.

  • If Ever Bliss Was

    If Ever Bliss Was

    Birth is important, and what happened before birth is important, but most important of all is what happens afterward.

  • Problem-Solving as Support

    I appreciated the reminder that children need emotional and practical supports until they are adults. Far too many parents drop the ball when their children are adolescents or entering early adulthood, offering no support at all, or confusing financial supports with real problem-solving support.

  • Lost

    We’d had heavy thunderstorms for several days, but the temperature had not dropped. When I took the dogs out first thing that morning, the air felt heavy, warm, and wet. Low-lying clouds hung over the woods in the distance, teats full of rain. Another storm was coming. As I waited on the dogs, a small […]

  • Rolling Out the Red Carpet

    We had company over for dinner Saturday night. I spent half the day bustling around, tidying and cleaning, placing candles and choosing music. I burned a cooking CD (Music to Cook By, Vol. 1), and prepared to cook what our daughter, Rosemary, has dubbed my Red Carpet Sauce. “It’s Red Carpet,” she explained, “because it’s […]

  • Why Do the Nations Rage?

    Today I told my girl, “There are many Marys in this world. You must learn to stand up to them. You can learn to say “no” to her now, or you can learn some other time; but, my love, you must learn to say “no” when bullies want to take your anointing and your birthright.

  • Mother as Container | 2

    Yesterday I wrote the first installment of a series I’ll call “The Mother as Container” series, about what is meant by mothers as containers of their children’s negative feelings and even their shadowy selves, and about what the lack of an effective container does to a child. The topic arose when we attended a middle school […]

  • Family Tree Assignment

    I’m feeling a little blue lately. The spring is a time of anniversary reactions among my traumatized children, some of whom coincidentally had their biggest traumas, including the first big trauma of birth and separation from their birth mothers, in the spring. It’s also a time of anniversaries for me. My daughter Olivia went into crisis […]

  • The Paradox of One

    At my age, which is 50, I’m seeing that part of growing up and growing older is learning to live with paradox. As I wrote last night, sometimes I see two hands, this thing and that thing; opposites and either-ors. But, on the other hand, I see sometimes only one thing. Sometimes all a human […]

  • The Miseducation of Children

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a thousand words must be worth ten thousand words. This is the case with Franz Kafka’s short story, “A Country Doctor.” In just a few paragraphs, Kafka is able to paint a picture of a society losing its internal moorings and turning from the spiritual to […]