Tag: Nigredo

  • The Hidden Seed

    The Hidden Seed

    Devastating losses in the temporal world have led to corresponding psychological losses, so that a person experiences a state of nearly complete loss of ego identity and identification with the material world.

  • Attending to the Vision

    Attending to the Vision

    In this great pilgrimage of life, we land in darkness before long, and sometimes it’s a darkness so great we can’t see the hands in front of our faces. We wonder if we even have hands, or feet.

  • From the Darkness

    From the Darkness

    Every break, every dissolution, everything that comes to an end after a time is part of the inner process of transformation. What changes outside changes the inside.

  • The Affliction of the Soul

    The Affliction of the Soul

    The beginning of anything new portends eventual difficulty for the pilgrim. We begin with hope but often lose it along the way, for what begins with romance inevitably ends with reality.

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