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  • The Birth of Venus

    Last week I completed my brief overview of the Greek gods, with a view to writing about Boticelli’s Birth of Venus. Today I’d like to give a closer look at Venus herself. Venus was the goddess of beauty and love in Roman mythology. Through identification with the Greek Aphrodite, she became one of the most…

  • Orphan Quest: Finding One’s Myth

    As we delve into the “Once Upon a Time” series about myths, I’ve thought a lot about the meaning of myths, how they function, how they give a person a point of reference, a perspective. In our first drawing class Sunday night, our instructor showed us just how essential right perspective is. He set a…

  • The Anima

    The Anima

    The Anima is a psychic structure that transcends gender. Being archetypal, it operates unconsciously to express the Feminine qualities of a person. It also informs and resides with the collective unconscious, exerting a powerful influence on culture.

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