Tag: meaning

  • Doing the Work

    Doing the Work

    Life isn’t fair and there is no observable grand scheme for rewarding good and punishing evil in the temporal world. Those who are good, generous, and even innocent can and do suffer beyond measure.

  • Happiness

    There’s research on happiness. One of my favorite experts on happiness is Dr. David Lykken, who, along with Thomas Bouchard is well-known for his work on the Minnesota Twin Study, has contributed immensely to twin and adoption research. The fact is that there are identifiable happiness markers, and the more of these happiness-making qualities we…

  • The Seed So Full of Meaning

    poets, songwriters, and artists of all kinds are today’s shamans. When we write, paint, photograph using our inner viewfinder, we are dipping down into that deep universal pool. If we wait patiently and attentively, something will come up.

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