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  • Senseless

    We never assume, “Today will be the last day of my life.” When my husband leaves in the morning, I never think, “I won’t see him alive again. Later tonight, I’ll have to go identify his body.” We do not drive to work in the morning thinking to ourselves, “Tonight I’ll accidentally kill someone.”

  • Losing Streak

    How do you recover from a losing streak, a run of bad luck, a change of fortunes? When your confidence is shaken–whether financially, emotionally, physically, or spiritually–and you doubt yourself or the universe, what drives you to the point of no return or to the point of recovery? These are questions I’ve been asking myself […]

  • MO-om! She’s staring at me!

    MO-om! She’s staring at me!

    Then, with a soft voice absent of guile, Olivia smiled sweetly and said …

  • Stupid & Hurtful Things People Say

    Stupid & Hurtful Things People Say

    People say [unkind] things to relieve themselves of feelings of pain, anxiety, and loss, not to offer you any relief. It is, in fact, a denial of your humanity to say those things. Accepting it without response may keep the peace, but it won’t be your peace. — The Dying Time, by Joan Furman & […]

  • Breakdown


    What person could possibly handle all this, and such a fragile child, with limited help, and not scream at some point?