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  • The Karma of Leaving

    The Karma of Leaving

    Show me the way in which the child was left, and I will show you the way in which that child grows up and later leaves others and ultimately leaves himself.

  • The Old Queen

    There was once upon a time an old Queen whose husband had been dead for many years, and she had a beautiful daughter. When the Princess grew up she was betrothed to a Prince who lived at a great distance. When the time came for her to be married, and she had to journey forth…

  • Leaving Home

    The American Express advertisement admonishing “American Express: don’t leave home without it!” is familiar to most Americans. The implication is that a person can leave home ill prepared. And we know that this is true. For some time now, I’ve wanted to write about leave-taking and how a person can take her leave in an…

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