Tag: Jacob and Esau

  • I am Vampire

    Isn’t the vampire the perfect metaphor for our bloated American culture with its reality TV, true crime best sellers, celebrity tabloids and gossip magazines, thinly-disguised Facebook voyeurism, and constant inane tweets where meaning must be communicated in 140 characters or less?

  • Knots

    People don’t exist in vacuums; we are tested and proved through what we do when what is most dear to us is threatened or taken away. We see who we really are when we’re our most vulnerable; vulnerability also shows us where our boundaries are. In depth psychology, we refer to complexes, which are a […]

  • Jacob I Have Loved

    And they came to Bethsaida. And they brought a blind man to Jesus, and entreated Him to touch him. And taking the blind man by the hand, He brought him out of the village; and after spitting on his eyes, and laying His hands upon him, He asked him, “Do you see anything?” And he […]