Tag: Freud

  • Let Your Light So Shine

    Some sort of clarity wanted to break forth in me, a spirit of truth where cloudy, unclean elements formerly prevailed. It was about four, mothers, daughters, abandonment, appearing one way but being another, adaptability and growth, responsiveness to the situation at hand rather than reactions to unconscious inner motivators.

  • A Calling of Wolves

    When extraordinary events occur, they’re like a calling of wolves outside the window, calling us to pay attention. The whole thrust of Freud and Jung is the idea of the waking dream, of making things conscious.

  • The Value of Reflection

    Shock reactions, fear, and shame throughout childhood inhibit brain development in areas that process perceptions of reality, the ability to relate to others, and the ability to reason.

  • The Compulsion to Repeat

    Freud is also saying that wonky people keep repeating behaviors that hurt them, in spite of the pain, because there are principles operating that go beyond pleasure.

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