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  • The Beginning of Wisdom

    The Beginning of Wisdom

    The longer you lived in a toxic, shame-based, hurtful environment, the longer your healing will take.

  • Good Help is Hard to Find

    Good Help is Hard to Find

    The entire goal of being helped is robustly healthy, balanced, and honest relationship to others. It is also to gain an awareness of when others unconsciously manipulate or use contempt or shame to try to control you or get their own needs met. If you can do that after receiving help, you have arrived.

  • Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlatan

    Quacks, charlatans, posers, pharisees, pretenders. Jesus Christ delivered some of his most scathing rebukes against the sort of spiritual leader whose every action supported the illusion of a self that is able to teach, guide, and heal others without being whole oneself. Helping professionals, whether religious or not, so often “help” without having had a visitation of the holy […]