Tag: Ego

  • Broken

    December, January, and February are terrible months for me. They are months I spend nearly all my energy on necessary enslavement to seasonal demands that call on my most inferior functions to step up and do their duty. I do it every year with the peevishness of a colicky baby, but this particular year I’ve […]

  • April Fools

    The end of March and the beginning of April have seen me in fool’s bells. My husband told me a month ago that he thought our cow was pregnant. I went and looked at her myself, being an expert on bovine pregnancy and all, and declared him mistaken. “She’s not pregnant,” said I, “because she’s […]

  • Masks

    Once the ego has emerged in early childhood, we begin to decide what parts of ourselves—what traits—we’ll let people see and what parts we’ll conceal or withhold. We tend to cover up reactions others don’t like and choose actions to please them and bring us the rewards we want. A small child, for example, learns […]

  • Dream Work

    Unfortunately, the ego often cannot tolerate sharing power. And so we dream.

  • Baaaad Behavior

    Uppity is an attitude of snobbishness and haughtiness that is carried by people who think better of themselves than they ought. They don’t know they’re uppity, though.