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  • The Healthy Group

    The Healthy Group

    The predilection of groups for immoral behavior has been so widely studied, identified, acknowledged, and deplored that I hardly need to point it out. Research shows that people are much more influenced by group dynamics and the expectations of authority figures than we think.

  • Patricia: Part 2

    Patricia was a 28-year-old single mother of two planning adoption for her unborn child, a son she said was conceived as the result of a date rape. After contacting an adoption agency and completing an intake interview with a social worker, she was referred to an independent counselor for pre-placement counseling.

  • Patricia: Part 1

    Patricia was a 28-year-old single mother who was pregnant with her third child as the result of a date rape that had occurred some six months before she contacted an adoption agency. Already juggling a full-time job and two young daughters, she felt that raising a third child would be beyond her abilities, and planned […]

  • The Hearth from Which We Leave

    How different it is to be in a nurturing family! Immediately, I can sense the aliveness, the genuineness, honesty, and love. I feel the heart and soul present as well as the head. People demonstrate their loving, their intellect, and their respect for life. I feel that if I lived in such a family, I […]

  • Stop and Listen

    Did it feel good to you to live in your family? Did you feel you were living with friends, people you liked and trusted, and who liked and trusted you? Was it fun and exciting to be a member of your family?