Fabulous cook, avid golfer and puzzle solver, lover of books, music, and film: slender, attractive widow, a retired educator, seeks man, 60-75, with whom to share laughter, conversation, etc. Metro NY/NJ.

Sensual, passionate,successful artist. Quiet beauty, mischievous spark, and heartfelt warmth. Considered fun to be around and completely real. Slender, athletic, very physical, and outdoorsy. Enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing, painting, watercolors outdoors, community activism to make the world a better place, dancing, sailing. Relaxed traveler, comfortable anywhere (Maine islands to Cornwall, Greece, Provence). Good company and good sport, enjoys busy, happy life, yet looking for special zing with warm, personable, fit and active New England area man, 55 through early 70s, for dinners, movies, and perhaps more.

Merry widow, 63. European-born, American-educated college professor/writer. Tall, fetching, sassy, postmodern. Loves excitement of city life and peacefulness of nature. Seeks Philadelphia area, energetic, accomplished man, 58-73, to share it all: arts, travel, politics, dining, and then some.

Passion, depth,generosity of heart. Journalist, sports-writer, TV reporter, active leader in national programs for at-risk youth. Considered really good-looking, sexy, slender athletic figure, self-deprecating wit. Sympathetic, upbeat, and very real. Confident, young widow, classy, good friend. Four newspapers a day [. . .] Can conquer most any hill on a bike so long as a glass of Cabernet or chocolate croissant at the finish. [. . .] Seeks big-hearted man with good mind, full laugh, social conscience–fit financially, emotionally, physically, 5’9″+, 50-68, who resides or spends time in South Florida area.

Smart and beautiful,intellectually curious and athletic. Consultant/educator–tall, slim with natural radiance. adventurous with calm, warm demeanor, genuineness of character. Expressive, affectionate, divorced, 5’8″. Laughs a lot, thinks deeply, politically liberal. Interested in social change, literature, politics, nature, beauty. Midwestern roots, international outlook, has lived abroad, [. . .] Sunday Times, The Economist.Seeks healthy/active man (59-60s) with warmth and an intellectual bent–Boston area.

Personals from the New York Review of Books all, 14 by women in this issue, only two by men.

I wondered after reading them, “Are there that many lonely widows searching for intelligent male life?” I wondered why women would go looking for male companionship late in life when they could, judging by the personals section, have more success at finding a female companion and friend. Is it about sex, then? Is it about needing a man?

After reading them, I wondered, “What would my personal ad say about me, if I were to write one today?” And “what would I advertise for, if I were to write a personal ad, directed at the universe?”

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