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  • Where is My Home?

    Where is My Home?

    “Where is my home?” poet Rainer Maria Rilke asks.

  • If Ever Bliss Was

    If Ever Bliss Was

    Birth is important, and what happened before birth is important, but most important of all is what happens afterward.

  • Patricia: Part 1

    Patricia was a 28-year-old single mother who was pregnant with her third child as the result of a date rape that had occurred some six months before she contacted an adoption agency. Already juggling a full-time job and two young daughters, she felt that raising a third child would be beyond her abilities, and planned…

  • Purity

    In our part of the country, we’re more likely to get ice than snow, so when the winds howl and the temperature drops and the precipitation begins, the grownups groan. I picked up our youngest girls from school early today because of an appointment, and they were chattering  joyfully about the possibility of snow. “Oh,…

  • Wanderlust

    I wonder if you’d indulge me by thinking about your own childhoods, going back to the flow of days during which nothing much happened, but when the passing of time nurtured and fed you.

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