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  • Being Willing to Change

    Being Willing to Change

    “To suffer consciously means to live through the ‘death of ego,’ to voluntarily withdraw one’s projections from other people.” Robert A. Johnson

  • Moving On

    Moving On

    Sometimes we have to move on, because what is no longer necessary or supportive of growth must be let go.

  • Letting Go

    Letting Go

    When the basis of one or more habits decays or disappears, we discover we don’t know who we are any more.

  • Master, Mentor, Teacher, Guide

    And so we have sat with the baby, calling to mind how small and helpless we were so long ago, how patterns we have had in our lives since infancy and early childhood have stuck with us, in some cases crippling or hindering us in ways we do not wish–in ways that we can’t seem […]

  • Wasp

    Church friends who had been abandoning, shallow, or indifferent during Olivia’s illness and death had made me think deeply about what it actually means to be a Christian. Christ-ian: One who is like Christ.