Tag: Carl Jung

  • Creating a Life

    Depth therapy or analysis will not cure anyone, but will, at least, make life more interesting by helping one discover the “complex riddles wrapped within” and thus, hopefully, bring them and other inner contents into consciousness.

  • Twins

    From these myths of twins we can see that being cheated out of something valuable can cause serious consequences, even death. In the myth of Castor and Pollux, on the other hand, we see that one of the greatest gifts one person can give another is to share the life that comes from that eternal well.

  • Stop and Listen

    Did it feel good to you to live in your family? Did you feel you were living with friends, people you liked and trusted, and who liked and trusted you? Was it fun and exciting to be a member of your family?

  • The Seed So Full of Meaning

    poets, songwriters, and artists of all kinds are today’s shamans. When we write, paint, photograph using our inner viewfinder, we are dipping down into that deep universal pool. If we wait patiently and attentively, something will come up.

  • Once Upon a Time: Pack Your Bags | 1

    I have someplace I’d like to go, and I hope you’ll come with me. This will be a long journey, but if you stick with me until the end, I think each of us will discover treasures and have adventures that we can’t even imagine now, as we begin. I don’t even know quite where […]

  • My Animus and I Go to Drawing Class

    I’ve enrolled in an art class at our local art center. The class, which begins Sunday evening, will cover the basics of drawing. This is one of my manifold attempts over the past year or so at trying activities that may assist me along the path of individuation, and may encourage my more unconscious, repressed, or […]

  • The Animus

    Yesterday I wrote about the anima, a man’s inner feminine guide, so it is only fair to write today about the animus, which is the female’s inner, masculine counterpart. If we look at the psyche as a totality, we know that it must contain opposites. Even if one aspect is dominant and another recessive, still they […]

  • Archetypes: What are They?

    I’ve written briefly in the past about archetypes, but it appears that it’s time for me to explain a little more about them and how they work in everyday life–particularly, how they appeal to me in my life. One of the commentators on a recent thread asked about the anima, the female part of the male, […]