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  • If Ever Bliss Was

    If Ever Bliss Was

    Birth is important, and what happened before birth is important, but most important of all is what happens afterward.

  • Mother as Container | 4

    Being a container and a mirror to one’s own infant is different from being so to another mother’s baby. We know this.

  • Mother as Container | 3

    Oh, it breaks my heart to think of the damage being done to these babies as we sit here in the luxury of our surroundings, our children nestled in the nooks of our arms, and we blog about what is wrong with adoption in America.

  • Mother as Container | 1

    The idea of the mother as a container is ancient, of course–think about the baby in the womb and it is easy enough to see why. Jung wrote about the symbolism of vessels thus: The motif of the vessel is itself an archetypal image which has a certain purpose, and I can prove from this…

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