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  • My Animus and I Go to Drawing Class

    I’ve enrolled in an art class at our local art center. The class, which begins Sunday evening, will cover the basics of drawing. This is one of my manifold attempts over the past year or so at trying activities that may assist me along the path of individuation, and may encourage my more unconscious, repressed, or […]

  • The Animus

    Yesterday I wrote about the anima, a man’s inner feminine guide, so it is only fair to write today about the animus, which is the female’s inner, masculine counterpart. If we look at the psyche as a totality, we know that it must contain opposites. Even if one aspect is dominant and another recessive, still they […]

  • The Anima

    The Anima

    The Anima is a psychic structure that transcends gender. Being archetypal, it operates unconsciously to express the Feminine qualities of a person. It also informs and resides with the collective unconscious, exerting a powerful influence on culture.

  • Archetypes: What are They?

    I’ve written briefly in the past about archetypes, but it appears that it’s time for me to explain a little more about them and how they work in everyday life–particularly, how they appeal to me in my life. One of the commentators on a recent thread asked about the anima, the female part of the male, […]

  • The Divine Couple

    I’ve been thinking about why romantic movies, particulary movies that are romantic in a large way (Brave Heart, Cinderella Man, The Patriot, Pride and Prejudice, The Last of the Mohicans), are so compelling. I’m reminded of the oddly potent Snow Patrol song, “Chasing Cars,” which is about having a person with whom one can retreat under […]

  • Beautiful Babes

    Beautiful Babes

    One’s mother has far less power over her children than the archetypes projected upon her by the culture or by her own children as if they were real.