Tag: Analytical Psychology

  • Twins

    From these myths of twins we can see that being cheated out of something valuable can cause serious consequences, even death. In the myth of Castor and Pollux, on the other hand, we see that one of the greatest gifts one person can give another is to share the life that comes from that eternal well.

  • Patricia: Part 6

    Liz thoughtfully sipped her tea and thought about the progress her client, Patricia, had made over the past few months. Before getting to know Patricia, she would probably never have believed that she would find in her such a willing and able client. Patricia’s gutsiness and her agile mind combined to make her very determined, […]

  • Patricia: Part 4

    She was in a city of cobble-stoned streets and narrow, covered walkways that twisted and turned here and there. The air felt dense and cloying, and a low-lying thick fog permeated everything. Patricia was running and stumbling along the street, chasing a scrawny gray alarmed cat that seemed neither adult nor kitten, having the size […]

  • Patricia: Part 3

    Irritation is like any other outburst of affect… anything that is emotive and disorients a person’s conscious condition. Thus another person or symbolic being can be a personified transmitter of unconscious contents that are seeking expression.

  • Patricia: Part 2

    Patricia was a 28-year-old single mother of two planning adoption for her unborn child, a son she said was conceived as the result of a date rape. After contacting an adoption agency and completing an intake interview with a social worker, she was referred to an independent counselor for pre-placement counseling.

  • Case Studies

    As St. Paul wrote, each of us is to “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” This is no simple task, for we will face our worst selves, encounter dragons, be beguiled and bewitched, receive wounds and scars, stand at the edge of more than one gaping abyss, and ultimately fall on our faces before the Living God before we are finished with this quest.

  • Masks

    Once the ego has emerged in early childhood, we begin to decide what parts of ourselves—what traits—we’ll let people see and what parts we’ll conceal or withhold. We tend to cover up reactions others don’t like and choose actions to please them and bring us the rewards we want. A small child, for example, learns […]

  • Dream On

    Everyone who analyses the dreams of others should constantly bear in mind that there is no simple and generally known theory of psychic phenomena, neither with regard to their nature, nor to their causes, nor to their purpose.

  • The Seed So Full of Meaning

    poets, songwriters, and artists of all kinds are today’s shamans. When we write, paint, photograph using our inner viewfinder, we are dipping down into that deep universal pool. If we wait patiently and attentively, something will come up.

  • Light for the Dark Path

    All one can do is to deepen his ability to perceive, sticking with the symbols and images that are the language of the unconscious. We need art and music, poetry, literature and film, all that evokes the beauty, terror, dread, doubt and ecstasy of descent. They are light for the dark path.