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  • Aftermath

    Since I can’t do justice at the moment to a thoughtful article about what I learned through Olivia’s life, suffering, and death, I thought I’d post several photographs of my daughter’s car after her accident Friday night. My husband called me yesterday, saying, “Sweetie, you really need to go over to the wrecker service and […]

  • A God of Deliverance

    A few weeks ago I wrote about the death of a family friend in a car accident, recalling a conversation at our dinner table later, during which one of my daughters asked, “Mom, why didn’t God save her?” I told her at the time that I didn’t know if or how God was involved in […]

  • Senseless

    We never assume, “Today will be the last day of my life.” When my husband leaves in the morning, I never think, “I won’t see him alive again. Later tonight, I’ll have to go identify his body.” We do not drive to work in the morning thinking to ourselves, “Tonight I’ll accidentally kill someone.”