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  • In the Middle of the Night

    I Am Yours, by Misty Edwards Though I sleep, my heart is awakeThough it’s night, on You I waitThough it’s night, on You I wait It’s been a long night, and I am wearyIt’s been a long time, and I am hungrySo I’ll wait in the stillness againI’ll wait in the quiet againFor when I […]

  • Bread of Life

    The chalice is heavy in my hands and the smell of the wine wafts up as I follow the sacristan down the aisle to the altar. He carries small crystal cruets of water and wine for the deacon, like the water and blood that flowed from the side of Christ. I feel breathless with expectancy.

  • Twelfth Night

    Today is Epiphany, the celebration of the day the magi or wise men brought gifts to the infant Jesus. It is also Twelfth Night, or the 12th day after Christmas. Our priest told us during today’s homily that during medieval times, Twelfth Night was the biggest celebration of the year. It was a night for merrymaking […]

  • Quoting Saint Augustine

    Our classics reading group will have our last discussion about Saint Augustine’s Confessions tomorrow. I feel sorry to leave St. Augustine behind, for he has become an honest, passionate and true Christian friend. My ideas about Augustine before reading the Confessions this time were based on a cursory reading during my undergraduate years. The manner in […]

  • Rend Your Hearts

    Rend Your Hearts

    From the Office of Readings: A Commentary on Joel, by St. Jerome Return to me with all your heart and show a spirit of repentance with fasting, weeping and mourning; so that while you fast now, later you may be satisfied, while you weep now, later you may laugh, while you mourn now, you may […]