Author: Anne

  • The Beginning of Wisdom

    The Beginning of Wisdom

    The longer you lived in a toxic, shame-based, hurtful environment, the longer your healing will take.

  • Good Help is Hard to Find

    Good Help is Hard to Find

    The entire goal of being helped is robustly healthy, balanced, and honest relationship to others. It is also to gain an awareness of when others unconsciously manipulate or use contempt or shame to try to control you or get their own needs met. If you can do that after receiving help, you have arrived.

  • Where is My Home?

    Where is My Home?

    “Where is my home?” poet Rainer Maria Rilke asks.

  • In Search of Salted Shrimp

    In Search of Salted Shrimp

    I’m glad I can have an experience of being an outsider, because it’s humbling and hilarious, and one has to be bold to find what one needs in the place where one’s own culture is not king.

  • If People Were Stray Animals

    If People Were Stray Animals

    If people were stray animals, we would all be worth rescuing. Groups of rescuers would band together, forming networks whose only purpose is to give care and comfort to the abandoned. […] How lovely, if each traumatized person were valued as much as a stray animal.

  • Thank You, Tante Waltraud

    Thank You, Tante Waltraud

    “I’ve lived a beautiful, wonderful life and enjoyed every minute. I’ve done and had everything I’ve ever wanted.”

  • Widows Speak Up

    Widows Speak Up

    We widows and other bereaved folks who cannot get past our losses fear being unhappy the rest of our lives.

  • Last Love

    Last Love

    Last Love, I did not see you coming. Forgive me. Last Love, you are my Last Love. Amen.

  • Healing


    I am ill because of wounds to the soul.

  • Little Did He Know

    Little Did He Know

    A month after my husband’s death, I wrote that I had discovered the substance of my faith and “found out what’s true for me.” But I don’t know a damn thing today.