I Have No Idea Where I Am Going

I will not fear.
I will not fear…

2 responses to “I Have No Idea Where I Am Going”

  1. l. katherine Avatar

    So pleased to see you post again. Thank you for sharing this Merton selection. I’m sure it speaks to many of us, again and again.

  2. wheneverydaymatters Avatar

    I don’t know where I’m going either, Eve. This past summer we put our home on the market; it sold in 8 days and the new family wanted in. No big deal; we’re moving to a lovely carriage house which will be a new beginning and we’ll rent somewhere for three months. Just put the stuff on the truck and let’s count the blessing of not having the house sale over our heads.

    HA HA wasn’t God laughing three months later when we had to move again to a new place. First world problems, MJ, grow up.

    Here I was telling everyone how much I like to move. “Oh, really,” says the Lord, “Well, watch this because you’re moving again.”

    The first stop (which I failed to mention) was in a city and I never adjusted there. Me, the fat head who thinks I’m so good at “going with the flow.” Seriously, the noise almost deafened me. Sensory overload. This second stop is on a bay and the smells alone make me feel normal again. Normal as in I feel like I’m eight years old and as a child our little family went to the bay often. That house has now fallen into the bay. Nothing stays the same and I guess that’s okay. Is it okay?

    But I’m learning so much, so much, Eve. I’m learning that I don’t adjust quickly if at all. I’m learning that I have to lighten up more. I’m learning that our compassion for others will only deepen when we’re pushed to our limits on at least one level.

    A blessed Thanksgiving to you and that beautiful family of yours.


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