Being Willing to Change


To suffer consciously means to live through the ‘death of ego,’ to voluntarily withdraw one’s projections from other people, to stop searching for the ‘divine world’ in another, and instead to find one’s own inner life as a psychological and religious act. It means to take responsibility for discovering one’s own totality, one’s own unconscious possibilities. It means to question one’s old patterns–to be willing to change. All of this involves conflict, self-questioning, uncovering duplicities one would rather not face. It is painful and difficult” (Robert A. Johnson, We).

3 responses to “Being Willing to Change”

  1. mona Avatar

    Ha….even as I sit here and re-read what I just wrote I can’t help but wonder if I am not romanticizing by writing it. Even as I write this I am thinking my ego is at play…and worry, a little, if what I just wrote makes any sense. lol Should the removal of the ego be done with a surgeons scalpel or an axe?

  2. mona Avatar

    I agree, “ego” is a destroyer. A thing of youth actually as reality can’t be denied as one gets older and hopefully wiser but when reality is denied the best one can hope for is illusion or rather delusion. I can’t help but laugh at those that delude themselves…and those that romanticize everything “new” they embark upon. It’s as if they don’t romanticize it they can’t remain committed. Yet, “romance” is a myth, fleeting, an illusion. Now “commitment”,, ,although not near as exciting,, is more real, more lasting…..but painfully boring and often uneventful. I think the ego was invented…I don’t know…by nature?…by God?…by evolution?…..regardless, it was invented or evolved to give one mythical purpose….because boredom monotonous and commitment so much work….and even then there are no guarantees of anything positive coming from it….even commitment can bring devastating pain.

  3. ralphhh2 Avatar

    Robert A Johnson — one of my all time favorites. I love his ‘Balancing Heaven & Earth’.

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