Month: January 2009

  • Rolling Out the Red Carpet

    We had company over for dinner Saturday night. I spent half the day bustling around, tidying and cleaning, placing candles and choosing music. I burned a cooking CD (Music to Cook By, Vol. 1), and prepared to cook what our daughter, Rosemary, has dubbed my Red Carpet Sauce. “It’s Red Carpet,” she explained, “because it’s […]

  • Masks

    Once the ego has emerged in early childhood, we begin to decide what parts of ourselves—what traits—we’ll let people see and what parts we’ll conceal or withhold. We tend to cover up reactions others don’t like and choose actions to please them and bring us the rewards we want. A small child, for example, learns […]

  • Mulling

    I’m a muller and a ponderer, a ruminator and a thinker. Not long ago, one of my daughters told me that I think about things more than anyone she knows. She also said I “think weird,” which was a free reflection bonus for me, kind of like the prizes you get with your happy meal at […]