Month: July 2008

  • The Writer’s Mandala | 2

    Learn everything you have to know to say something well. You can’t fake it. The only people you’ll be able to fool are the people who don’t know anything, people who are uneducated.

  • The Art of Writing | 1

    If you have a sense of commitment and mission, you have something to say because you are a bearer of a message. Then no matter what else is happening in your life, you must set aside several hours a day to become a vessel, a communicator of that message.

  • Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

    We would much rather judge one another than love one another. How unlike my heavenly Father I am when I give myself the right to judge you.

  • Senseless

    We never assume, “Today will be the last day of my life.” When my husband leaves in the morning, I never think, “I won’t see him alive again. Later tonight, I’ll have to go identify his body.” We do not drive to work in the morning thinking to ourselves, “Tonight I’ll accidentally kill someone.”

  • The Seed So Full of Meaning

    poets, songwriters, and artists of all kinds are today’s shamans. When we write, paint, photograph using our inner viewfinder, we are dipping down into that deep universal pool. If we wait patiently and attentively, something will come up.

  • Purifying the Vessels

    Our ancient rituals and symbols, whatever they are, and wherever we practice them reverently, have this life-renewing power. They have the potential to give us new birth, if only we will let them.

  • Bread of Life

    The chalice is heavy in my hands and the smell of the wine wafts up as I follow the sacristan down the aisle to the altar. He carries small crystal cruets of water and wine for the deacon, like the water and blood that flowed from the side of Christ. I feel breathless with expectancy.

  • I Feel the Ancient Pulse

    I kneel, and the smallness of the chapel is a welcome. It’s eternally quiet; no one seems to breathe. The sun is low in the sky and the wine in the chalice on the small altar glows with a fabulous fire. I can’t take my eyes off the wine.

  • Beloved Fools

    Yesterday morning, I read a brief article by my friend Renaissance Guy about an incident in which a small wafer of unleavened, wheaten bread called the “host” or the “Body of Christ,” or the “Blessed Sacrament” was pocketed and taken out of a Catholic student worship center’s celebration of the mass.

  • Light for the Dark Path

    All one can do is to deepen his ability to perceive, sticking with the symbols and images that are the language of the unconscious. We need art and music, poetry, literature and film, all that evokes the beauty, terror, dread, doubt and ecstasy of descent. They are light for the dark path.