Month: March 2008

  • Middle-Aged Women

    Middle-aged women care about other women: little girls, young women, thirty-somethings who know it all, forty-somethings who doubt it all, other middle-aged women who carry it all, and grannies who have endured it all. They care, and they listen when you talk.

  • What Not to Wear 3

    Man Looketh on the Outward Appearance Like the Andy Sachs character in The Devil Wears Prada, until recently I perceived clothing as mere “stuff.” I didn’t treat my clothing as a resource, and I didn’t consider what message I was sending to other people when I dressed and left my house. I didn’t want to […]

  • What Not to Wear 2

    Christianity and Appearance Throughout the experience of thinking about clothing and appearance, I’ve wondered what, if any, significance or meaning such possibly vain pursuits have for a Christian. Doesn’t the Bible condemn vanity? Didn’t Solomon write that all is vanity? Shouldn’t the spiritually-minded person keep her mind on “the things above, not on the things of this […]

  • What Not to Wear 1

    Lately, my daughters and I have gotten hooked on TLC’s What Not to Wear. In my family, when we play, we tend to immerse ourselves in whatever the entertainment passion of the moment is, which recently has been fashion. This has taken no small amount of courage, for fashion has seemed shallow, ego-based, self-centered, vain, and popular from our perspectives. It’s a […]

  • Family Tree Assignment

    I’m feeling a little blue lately. The spring is a time of anniversary reactions among my traumatized children, some of whom coincidentally had their biggest traumas, including the first big trauma of birth and separation from their birth mothers, in the spring. It’s also a time of anniversaries for me. My daughter Olivia went into crisis […]

  • The Paradox of One

    At my age, which is 50, I’m seeing that part of growing up and growing older is learning to live with paradox. As I wrote last night, sometimes I see two hands, this thing and that thing; opposites and either-ors. But, on the other hand, I see sometimes only one thing. Sometimes all a human […]

  • Lord, Hold Us in Your Mercy

    The light spills through stained glass scenes from the life of Jesus, bouncing off the sanctuary floors and making the gold on the altar molten. The faint smell of incense still hangs in the air around us, though we attend the second mass of the morning. We sit on Mary’s side of the sanctuary, where […]