Month: August 2007

  • Rend Your Hearts

    From the Office of Readings: A Commentary on Joel, by St. Jerome Return to me with all your heart and show a spirit of repentance with fasting, weeping and mourning; so that while you fast now, later you may be satisfied, while you weep now, later you may laugh, while you mourn now, you may […]

  • Jungian Dream Interpretation

    Carl Jung taught that the structure of a dream is similar to that of a drama, comprised of four different stages: Exposition: The opening scene, which introduces the place, characters, and situation that the dreamer will face–the issue or problem as expressed through metaphor. Development: The emergence of the plot. Culmination: Something significant occurs, and […]

  • Quoting Daryl Sharp on Temperament Types

    From Jungian Psychology Unplugged: My Life as an Elephant, by Daryl Sharp, M.A., a Jungian analyst and publisher and general editor of Inner City Books. Among other topics in this book, Sharp writes about the Myers-Briggs Temperament Inventory types. Temperament or personality is what drives a person to think, feel, and act as they do in a […]

  • Stupid & Hurtful Things People Say

    People say [unkind] things to relieve themselves of feelings of pain, anxiety, and loss, not to offer you any relief. It is, in fact, a denial of your humanity to say those things. Accepting it without response may keep the peace, but it won’t be your peace. — The Dying Time, by Joan Furman & […]

  • Breakdown

    There is no such thing as a nervous breakdown.  This is why I didn’t have one. I also didn’t have one because I’m a strong person. Very strong. Another reason I didn’t have one, even when my daughter was dying, was that four years in graduate school equipped me to fend off and defend against all manner of psycholgoical and emotional […]

  • Acting Weird is Not a Symptom

    Acting weird is not a symptom. Just ask any emergency room nurse who has known your child for all of 30 seconds. “What are her symptoms?” “She’s acting weird.” “What? Acting weird is not a symptom. What are the symppptommmms?” This, drawn out slowly and with empasis, as if Nurse Ratched is talking to an […]

  • Lamentations


    That was and still is the great disaster of my life–that lovely, lovely little boy. . . There’s no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back to the way they were. –Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969), on the death of his first son at age three My son, a perfect […]

  • Beautiful Babes

    I stumbled across some fascinating videos and essays about goddesses and beauty queens through the ages, and their modern-day counterparts, beautiful babes.  That so many of these movie stars look so much alike makes one wonder if the standard for feminine beauty has changed  much over the years.  Take, for instance, Devi, the archetypal representation of all Hindu goddesses. […]